Hotspot stress diagnostic options

SafepointALot: Generate a lot of safepoints. This works with GuaranteedSafepointInterval.

HandshakeALot: Generate a lot of handshakes. This works with GuaranteedSafepointInterval.

DeoptimizeALot: Deoptimize at every exit from the runtime system.

ZombieALot: Create zombies (non-entrant) at exit from the runtime system.

WalkStackALot: Trace stack (no print) at every exit from the runtime system.

DeoptimizeObjectsALot: For testing purposes concurrent threads revert optimizations based on escape analysis at intervals given with DeoptimizeObjectsALotInterval=n. The thread count is given with DeoptimizeObjectsALotThreadCountSingle and DeoptimizeObjectsALotThreadCountAll.

DontYieldALot: Throw away obvious excess yield calls.

StringDeduplicationResizeALot: Force more frequent table resizing.

DeoptimizeNMethodBarriersALot: Make nmethod barriers deoptimise a lot.

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