How to force HTC Desire CDMA in CDMA 1x mode?

1. Backup old rom via ClockMod recovery.
2. Flash to Offical stock rom. (I’m using ‘2.11.573.5_USCC’ without radio)
3. Input ‘##778#’ at dial pad to run ‘EPST’ in this ROM.
4. Select ‘Edit mode’.
5. Input password, default is ‘000000’.
6. Go to ‘Modem Settings’.
7. Set ‘Preferred Mode’ = ‘CDMA only’.
8. Set ‘HDR Hybrid Preferred’ = ‘Disable’.
9. Press the ‘Menu’ button at bottom of phone.
10. Tap on ‘Commit Modifications’.
11. Press ‘OK’ to reboot phone.
12. Restore ‘CM’ rom.


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